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The high-end broadband connection up to 16 meg for work or gaming. Unless your work is gaming. In which case, we want your job.

£27.00 /month

12months contract
No connection fee.

£30.00 /month

3months contract
£25.00 connection fee


No usage caps

Get the data you need with a fair usage policy that is actually fair.

Real world speed

Download at speeds of up to 16 meg*. And uploading is easy too with up to 1.9 meg* when you sign up for our free Upload Plus.

We'll never artificially reduce your speed to cram more people on a line (like some ISPs do) and we won't throttle your access when you download certain types of files or use the internet at peak times.

Wireless modem

Turn your home into a wifi wonderland with access all over your house, for multiple computers.

  • ADSL 2+ enabled
  • 4 port 10/100 megs Ethernet switch
  • 130 megs 802.11n wireless interface
  • OS Independent (Ethernet)

Static IPs

  • 1 static IP included

Expert support

Lots of people talk about it, but you rarely get it. It's our passion. If you have a problem, raise a support ticket, start a live chat, email or phone us or ask the BE user community to help solve your internet problems.

Get professional broadband for just £27 a month.


  • A BT phone line
  • A device capable of communicating via TCP/IP (like a Windows PC, Mac, iPhone or Xbox with Live)
  • A device with an Ethernet port for a wire connection to the BE Box
  • An 802.11b or 802.11g compatible network adapter for wireless connection to the BE Box
  • Windows 98SE / Mac OS 8.6 or higher


  • To get BE Pro, order it here
  • If you're escaping from your current provider, you can place an order now but you'll need to get a MAC code before you can jump ship.
  • Your BT phone line will be connected up to the BE network within 1-2 weeks after you've placed your order. (Although it might happen sooner – so keep an eye out.)
  • If you're switching, actual downtime probably won't be more than two hours.
  • The BE Box will land on your desk or doorstep, ready and waiting to be installed. This will include your line activation date.
  • Follow the simple DIY instructions and you're done.

BE Pro


12 months contract
£0.00 connection fee


3 months contract
£25.00 connection fee

*Downloads are subject to our rather fair usage policy. Your actual speed will be affected by factors that are out of our hands, such as your distance from the exchange. Terms apply, and service is subject to location and availability, BT line and minimum term contract. Wireless coverage depends on factors including distance from wireless box and building construction.

BE box modem